<Clear Code> Wizards

We are a small software company helping clients with their Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Python projects. Focusing on making complex code readable and delivering clear code.

The why is pretty simple, when code is readable and simple the efficiency and enjoyment increases in your project teams. New features can be implemented faster and bugs are easily found and squashed. We aren't simply coders we are problem solvers, architects creating solutions. That's why all our wizards can help clients with more then code alone like:

  • Cloud native. We have a lot of experience with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and know how to develop in the cloud and with the cloud. Make your projects perform and high available not by simply adding more containers/resources but by understanding which part are i.e. statefull and detecting point of failures when cloud regions are not available.
  • Migrating to the cloud. There is more to it then putting your monolith in a container. Sometimes it's better to break up your monolith application into microservices. Depending on your project and time we come up with the best and simple solution to migrate to the cloud.
  • Deployments. Creating CI/CD pipelines is key to deploy fast and not break fast. We know our way around GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, BitBucket Pipelines, JFrog, Azure DevOps and many more.
  • Tests. Unit and integration tests are no stranger to us. Writing tests for the good and bad flows are key for painless deployments. We make sure it's part of your CI/CD pipelines to increase code quality and coverage.
  • Observability. "Works on my machine"... yes but not for your customers. We measure the impact of deployments by analyzing the customer experience. Observability differs from monitoring, i.e. a server could be down but your application will run just fine. Or your servers are up but your application is not performing or even working. Using tools like opentelemetry you can predict and see when things are not working perfectly.
  • Workshops. We have monthly workshops preferable at client location. Learning by doing is way more fun!

Have questions about our services? Want to start a project together? Looking for a new opportunity? Let's talk!